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I.V. Seryodkin, M.Y. Borisov: "Conservation programme of brown bear on Sakhalin, Russian Far East"

Seryodkin I.V., Borisov M.Y., 2012. Conservation programme of brown bear on Sakhalin, Russian Far East // 21th International Conference on Bear Research and Management. Program and Abstracts. New Delhi, India.


I.V. Seryodkin, M.Y. Borisov

Pacific Geographical Institute, FEB RAS, Vladivostok, Russia, 690041

There is a whole number of serious problems with conservation of brown bear population on Sakhalin though its seeming prospering. Undermining of animal's fodder supplies is the main issue. Conflict situations between human and bear become more frequent lately.

The project on study and conservation of brown bear of Sakhalin Oblast has been realized since 2009 by Pacific Geographical Institute, FEB RAS and Nongovernment organization "Sakhalin Environment Watch" with support of Forestry and Hunting Department of Sakhalin Oblast and Wildlife Conservation Society. The goal of this program is to study the brown bear's ecology for developing scientific recommendations on managing its population on Sakhalin and introduce these recommendations. Stationary observations after bears are hold in preserve "Eastern" situated on the east part of the island. GPS-monitoring, phototrapping, visualizations of animals and study on trace of vital activity were used for investigation of bears.

Bear's territory usage, feeding, marking activity, relations with salmon and helminths of bears and human-bear relationship were studied. Conflict situations between human and bear were estimated. Bears censuring is realizing using different methods. Special attention spares to studding of complex of relations among humans, salmons and bears. Bears needs of salmons is estimating for detection of rational usage of salmons by humans. Work with humans is in progress to create of positive relation to bears, based on conflict-free coexistence between human and animal.